20 years of memorable moments uncovered from the Vault!

Proceeds support the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation’s youth initiatives!


Pittsburgh Penguins Fans

Here is your opportunity to purchase a set of locker room nameplates from the last 20 seasons, and help support the young people of our communities through the mission of the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation.

The Story of the Vault

Following the 2017 Stanley Cup victory, the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation took a skate down memory lane. From the era of Lemieux and Jagr to the recent back-to-back championships that made even non-hockey fans, Penguins fans, our journey slid us past the legacies of men who have retired and glided us by young rookies just hoping to make their mark as a Penguin. Players come and players go, but what they leave behind is timeless. Each player in his own way contributes to our remarkable story…one now of a 5X Stanley Cup-winning franchise.

During our walk through history, we found a key that unlocked a very special door. The door was to a Vault that housed over 10,000 locker room nameplates. These nameplates have seen the most important moments of Penguins history…from Mario’s return to the ice to Sid’s first goal. Twenty seasons worth of nameplates that hung identifying each and every player who donned a Penguins jersey were uncovered…some with prints of sweat while others still sticky with champagne.

After twenty years, history has been discovered, and we are excited to share it with you today. Take a moment to view these nameplates online where you’ll find countless styles, forgotten names and many fan favorites. Seeing these nameplates, branded with Darius Kasparaitis, Billy Guerin, Max Talbot and more, will certainly cause you to recall incredible moments from our Penguins hockey past. (Shhh…)